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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear Everyone,

We are currently having their final examinations, and are suffering from argh-please-let-my-grades-be-sufficient-to-go-to-a-university-itis. It is a common infectious disease among high school seniors. (If we are well-educated, we will be in a much better position to advocate marine conservation.) We will be back with lots of posts once the symptoms clear.

(On a brighter note, we both passed our diving medical examinations, so that means we'll get to dive with the marine biology lab once our exams are over! Look forward to more posts on Singapore's reefs!)

Our articles have links to them on the right hand side, hope you enjoy them until the next time. Alternatively, check out this other cool blog for marine conservation.

The Ocean Skeleton
(They've got a bit about sharks which is totally Theo's favourite animal. Read, read!)
(We feel inspired. Please go and watch Sharkwater)

Jacque & Theophilus

Jacque and Theophilus finished work at 1:29 PM


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Nudibranchs drawn by Prof. Chou
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